Mother Farine Lee

                                                  2004 - to Present

California North-Central Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction

Church of God in Christ, Inc.

Our Legacy​​


​Lest We Forget!


Remembering Past  Jurisdictional Supervisors of
California North Central Jurisdiction

                     The Logo

The Women:  Proclaiming and Promoting Righteousness among Women.

The Praying Hands:  Obedience, Submission, Repentance and Sincerity.

The Fire:  Holy Ghost and Tongues of Fire. (Acts 2:3)

The Bible:  The Exact Total Word of God.


          Mother Grace Ross                         Mother Phedonia Jordan       Mother Pearl Wilburn          Mother Martha Faye Willis         Mother Imola York

                 1969-1971                                        1971-1971                                1971-1989                              1989-1999                                    1999-2003

"A Leader's Lasting Value Is Measured by Succession"

The legacy left to the California North Central Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Department of Women is incredible.

Many were blessed to witness the excellent leadership qualities of each Supervisor of California North Central Jurisdiction beginning in 1969.

Mother Grace Ross, our first supervisor, was a great organizer, creator, and developer of women's ministry.  She gained the love and respect from the newly organized constituency of the California North Central Jurisdiction in 1969.  She had the most challenging task; to set-up the department's leadership structure.  Mother Ross prayerfully organized and developed the women's work of California North Central  and appointed various auxiliaries, bands, units and circle workers. 

She was the sister of the late Mother Emma F. Crouch, Fifth General Supervisor of Women, Church of God in Christ, Inc., Worldwide and was the wife of the late Bishop German Reed Ross, who served as the General Secretary of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., worldwide.

Mother Phedonia Jordan, our second supervisor, served for a short period; less than a year.  Mother Jordan was a very quiet, soft spoken and diligent worker who loved missions.  She would partner with other Saints and local businesses in the Stockton area gathering items to give to families in the surrounding areas of Stockton and to needy children oversees.  She had no children of her own, but adopted so many from the church and community.  Mother Jordan was the wife of Elder James Jordan, the stylish "Top Hat" preacher and pastor of Bethel Church of God in Christ in Stockton, California.

Mother Pearl Wilburn, our third supervisor, served for (18) eighteen years.  She was a business woman and co-founder of the first Church of God in Christ in Stockton, California, affectionally called

"Church #1".  

The church was eventually named Wilburn Temple Church of God in Christ, a historical church that still exist in Stockton, California.  This is the church that our Founder, Bishop Charles H. Mason, (while traveling throughout the area) would visit and speak to the overall members of the Church of God in Christ in the Stockton and Sacramento areas.  Bishop Mason, was a short man of stature and would stand on a table at the Wilburn Temple Church and deliver the Word of God.  That sacred table is still being used at the Wilburn Temple Church of God in Christ, in Stockton, California.

Mother Wilburn operated a food kitchen that catered to the African-American church community in Stockton.  During the 1950's, there were few places in Stockton, that the  Saints could go to dine and fellowship with each other.  Even the general public, from other denominations throughout Stockton would frequently visit the kitchen and enjoy good food and fellowship.

Prior to her installation as Jurisdictional Supervisor (State Mother) of California North Central Jurisdiction,  she served in the California Northwest Jurisdiction working beside Mother Mattie McGlothen, Fourth General Supervisor of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., worldwide.

Mother Wilburn's tenure as Jurisdictional Supervisor of California North Central Jurisdiction, extended beyond the rank as Supervisor of the Department of Women.   She taught, trained, instructed, corrected, encouraged, and admonished all the women that, "WE CAN DO IT!" 

Mother Wilburn was the wife of Elder Roy Wilburn.

Mother Martha Faye Willis, our fourth supervisor, served faithfully and led the Women of California North Central Jurisdiction to another level in ministry.  She was an Evangelist in her own right!  Mother Willis preached, taught, instructed and encouraged. The department grew through her excellent leadership skills.  Mother Willis welcomed and encouraged  younger women to become  actively invovled in the women's ministry.  She diligently sought the LORD through prayer and created opportunities for the younger women to serve God's people.  Mother Willis knew the value of teamwork and listened to the Holy Ghost for guidance.  She admonished the Godly Women of California North Central Jurisdiction to shout out a "CLARION CALL" and let others know that they can be saved, delivered and set free by the power of God. 

Mother Willis was the wife of Superintendent A. D. Willis, founder and former pastor of the Lily of the Valley Church of God in Christ, in Oakland, California.

Mother Imola York, our fifth supervisor, served with conviction, sight and knowledge of the Women's work.  She is a lover of the "women's work" and while serving as  Jurisdictional Supervisor of California North Central Jurisdiction, she exhorted us to be consistent in Godly living  and stay strong in the faith.  She would constantly remind us that there is no time to drop the ball!  Her motto was, "IT'S TIME TO STICK AND STAY."  (I Corinthians 15:58) 

Mother York served in many capaciites on the local, jurisdictional and national levels.  She served as "Adjutant Mother" for the Church of God in Christ, Worldwide, for several years.    She also served as the Musical Ticket Coordinator for the International Women's Department under the leadership of Mother Willie Mae Rivers.

Her final labor of love was shown in NorCal Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Department of Women, under the leadership of Mother Plumie Dancey and Bishop Jerry Wayne Macklin, Second Assistant Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Worldwide. 

For several years she has been married to Elder Ernest York and resides in Oakland, California.

Mother Farine Lee...continues the legacy of the California North Central Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, Department of Women.


(The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - By: John C. Maxwell)